Wingate's Water System Improvements

Water System Improvements Improve University Campus and Town

The Town of Wingate had to improve its fire flow capabilities as well as improve the reliability of the water system within the Wingate University campus.  The Wooten Company provided design, bidding and negotiation, construction administration and construction observation for the locally funded, $842,000 project.  The design involved installation of 2,500 LF of 12-inch waterline and 3,000 LF of 8-inch waterline through campus.  The project also included 750 feet of curb and street improvements and 1,500 feet of sidewalk.  A great deal of coordination with University staff was required to conduct construction alongside the continuing operation of campus. The project was completed in 2012.
The Town of Wingate was experiencing leakage and frequent breaks in their smaller (2”) galvanized waterlines and needed to undertake a project to repair or replace these lines. The Wooten Company was asked to assist the Town by providing assistance with funding acquisition and administration, design services, bidding and negotiation services, construction administration and construction observation services. The water system improvements involved replacement of the existing 2-inch galvanized lines with 15,400 LF of 6-inch waterline, 1,100 LF of 12-inch waterline and 4,100 LF 2-inch waterline. The Wooten Company arranged funding assistance for the $1.8 million project through USDA-Rural Development and construction on the water system was completed in 2015.