Our Work in Your Communities

NCDOT Low Impact Bridge Replacement Program

Utility Coordination for bridges across North Carolina


Acting as a sub-consultant to Mott MacDonald's Highway Group, our UC/UR team performed utility coordination at 86 NCDOT bridges within North Carolina’s Primary and Secondary Road System throughout Divisions 2, 5 and 7, and 9 and 2 roadways in Division 8. This team was responsible for utility coordination and utility engineering, where their work involved identification and confirmation of project utility conflicts, coordination of design with utility owners and NCDOT, preparation of preliminary plans and costs for NCDOT and utility owner’s review, incorporating utilities by others (UbO) plans, utility construction plans, as needed, project special provisions, and final utility construction plans and project special provisions for incorporation into the project proposal bid documents.

Below are listed examples of only some of the NCDOT bridge projects our teams have coordinated for:

· 17BP.2.C.5
· 17BP.2.R.72
· 17BP.2.R.73
· 17BP.2.R.74
· 17BP.5.R.49
· 17BP.5.R.51
· 17BP.5.R.52
· 17BP.5.R.53
· 17BP.5.R.54
· 17BP.5.R.57
· 17BP.5.R.66
· 17BP.5.R.67
· 17BP.5.R.69
· 17BP.5.R.70
· 17BP.5.R.71
· 17BP.5.R.81
· 17BP.5.R.82
· 17BP.7.R.100
· 17BP.7.R.101
· 17BP.7.R.102
· 17BP.7.R.103
· 17BP.7.R.104
· 17BP.7.R.106
· 17BP.7.R.107
· 17BP.7.R.108
· 17BP.7.R.109
· 17BP.7.R.110
· 17BP.7.R.111
· 17BP.7.R.112
· 17BP.7.R.113
· 17BP.7.R.114
· 17BP.7.R.115
· 17BP.7.R.116
· 17BP.7.R.13
· 17BP.7.R.22
· 17BP.7.R.27
· 17BP.7.R.30
· 17BP.7.R.31
· 17BP.7.R.32
· 17BP.7.R.55
· 17BP.7.R.71
· 17BP.7.R.81
· 17BP.7.R.82
· 17BP.7.R.89
· 17BP.7.R.90
· 17BP.7.R.91
· 17BP.7.R.92
· 17BP.7.R.94
· 17BP.7.R.93
· 17BP.7.R.95
· 17BP.7.R.96
· 17BP.7.R.97
· 17BP.7.R.98
· 17BP.7.R.99
· 17BP.9.C.2
· 7B.206814.11
· B-4958
· B-5677
· B-5682
· B-5687
· B-5715
· B-5731
· B-5735
· B-5736
· B-5774
· B-5776
· BD-51070
· BD-5107AA
· BD-5107AB
· BD-5107AC
· BD-5107F
· BD-5107G
· BD-5107H
· BD-5107I
· BD-5107J
· BD-5107K
· BD-5107M
· BD-5107N
· BD-5107P
· BD-5107R
· BD-5107S
· BD-5107U
· BD-5107V
· BD-5107W
· BD-5107Y
· BD-5107Z
· U-5711
· U-5743

Piney Green Road Trunk Sewer and Low Pressure Sewer- Onslow County, North Carolina

Sewer design for a project coordinated between NCDOT and ONWASA


The North Carolina Department of Transportation was in the final design stages of widening Piney Green Road and had begun right-of-way and easement acquisition when the Onslow Water and Sewer Authority determined that the road-widening project presented a unique opportunity to economically construct a trunk sewer and the associated low pressure collection systems along the corridor as part of NCDOT’s project.  Our team responded quickly to provide the design of a new pump station and 22,400 feet of trunk sewer from the north side of Northeast Creek down Piney Green Road and to the Hunters Creek Main Pump Station, as well as the low pressure collection systems parallel to the force main sections of the sewer.  The work involved extensive coordination with NCDOT, as the sewer along Piney Green Road was being constructed as part of NCDOT’s project per an agreement between NCDOT and ONWASA.