Stormwater Management

Whether you're looking to prevent issues before they arise or repair a system that already has faults, our experienced stormwater team is ready to partner with you. Our team believes in providing cost-effective solutions that are tailored to your specific stormwater needs. With client needs and environmental impact at the top of our priority list, we offer a wide range of stormwater services for all your needs, including: 

  • Capital Improvements Projects

  • Storm Drainage Design

  • Streambank Stabilization

  • Culvert Design 

  • Retension Ponds

  • Storm Drain Inventory and Assessment

Our Work in Your Communities

Town of Tarboro - Sunset Avenue Road and Utilities Repairs

Emergency repairs lead to large-scale improvements and added resiliency

Tarboro Sunset Ave.JPG

During the aftermath and recovery of Hurricane Mathew in October 2016, the Town of Tarboro contacted The Wooten Company to assist the Town with the repair and replacement of a culvert drainage system located along Sunset Avenue in the Town of Tarboro.  Damage from the Hurricane destroyed the existing corrugated metal culvert, waterline, sidewalks, roadway and other drainage structures.  As part of the culvert analysis, it was determined that this particular culvert serviced a watershed of approximately 2,475 ac and was significantly undersized in its pre-hurricane form.  The Wooten Company then provided the design of a new, dual 7’x8’ reinforced box culvert system along with technical designs for the waterline, sidewalk, and roadway repairs.  The project was completed in 2017.

City of Washington - Jack’s Creek Storm Drainage Improvements

Regular flooding alleviated by careful floodwater management


The City of Washington, NC had suffered from extended flood conditions when the existing berm protecting the city was overtopped during storms.  The Jack's Creek Basin often remained flooded until the stormwater pump station could remove water from behind the berm.  The city desired a solution to allow water levels upstream of the berm to recede at the same rate as the river level following such storm events.  The Wooten Company worked with the city to design a solution and provide construction administration and observation for the development of four 9 foot by 6 foot reinforced concrete box culverts with flap gates under NC 32 to aid in pumping efforts and relieve major flooding upstream in Jack's Creek.  Additionally a 20 foot by 7 foot multi-cell reinforced concrete box culvert was added at a downstream road crossing in order to handle the additional flows from upstream.

City of Washington - Stormwater Management System and Waterfront Boardwalk

Improvements to the City’s stormwater system also deliver downtown Boardwalk

Winner of an ACEC/NC Engineering Excellence Grand Award for Water Resources

Washington Wetlands 1.jpg

The City of Washington undertook a project aimed at updating their stormwater management system and creating a wetlands/boardwalk area to function both as a filter for runoff and as a recreational asset for it’s citizens.  The Wooten Company served as the prime consultant and provided design, construction administration and construction observation for the project, which ACEC/NC awarded with their Grand Award for Water Resources.  There were three phases of improvements within the work performed.  The first included retrofitting the downtown stormwater system to capture a portion of the runoff before it entered the Pamlico River.  The second realigned Stewart Parkway along the riverfront in order to reduce impervious cover, and the third involved the construction of the wetlands and boardwalk.  A 36-inch through 60-inch diameter bypass piping system was designed to capture the first flush runoff from 73 acres of downtown area and deliver it to the constructed wetland to remove pollutants before discharging into the river.  The four acre wetland was designed per NC Best Management Practices and the 1900 foot elevated boardwalk through the wetland served as an extension of the riverfront park, connecting residential areas to the NC Estuarium and the central business district in Washington.  The project cost the city $1.457 million but received funding from a Clean Water Management Trust Fund grant.

City of Oxford - Goshen Street Stormwater Improvements

Recurring flooding of neighborhoods and intersections mitigated by improvements

Goshen Street Stormwater.jpg

Due to flooding of large neighborhood ditches and road intersections, The Wooten Company performed an evaluation of approximately 1,750 LF of 12-inch through 48-inch stormwater piping, structures, and drainage ditch systems that convey runoff from a 66 acre multi-basin drainage area in Oxford, NC.  Evaluation included survey and inventory of storm drainage system, analysis of 2-year, 5-year, 10-year, and 25-year storms, and design of improvements based on 10-year and 25-year storms.  Hydraulic modeling software was utilized for analysis of existing and proposed conditions.  Existing topography and roadway elevations were also evaluated to determine their contribution to flooding issues.  Improvements include upsizing existing mains, parallel of existing mains, increase number of basins, and expansion, cleaning, and regular maintenance of ditches.