Randolph County's New Landfill Development

Close coordination between the County and Waste Management brought the new landfill site to reality.

This project, like many, was approached in two phases. The preliminary design phase involved the evaluation of the options available to Randolph County for providing the required utility services to the site including cost opinions and benefits analysis. 

Following our presentation of the options identified, the Final Design Phase was initiated in accordance with the selected options.  Coordination with Randolph County (the property owner) and the landfill's owner (Waste Management) was important during the preliminary and final design phases of the project. The design of the site included a turning lane at the entrance and intersection widening near the site, more than a mile of access road to accommodate heavy duty truck loads through hilly terrain, site grading for drive-on scales, water main extensions, a wastewater pump station and two miles of force main extension.