Raleigh's East Neuse Parallel Sewer

Environmental consideration was paramount in helping the City of Raleigh adapt to rapid growth in the area.

The City of Raleigh, NC needed to construct a sewer interceptor on the east side of the Neuse River to intercept sewer from a quickly growing area and minimize the number of river crossings required.  We were asked to provide engineering services for the project, which included a preliminary study with environmental documentation to determine the size, feasibility and route of the proposed gravity sewer as it ran to the existing 54 inch sewer south of Buffaloe Road.  The project also included a design phase which consisted of construction document preparation for 9,500 feet of 36 inch sewer and 12,500 feet of 48 inch sewer, along with the removal of two pump stations and an existing package wastewater treatment plant from a nearby subdivision.  For construction purposes, the project was split into two phases, and the design plans also included alternatives for several different pipe materials, DI, RCP with liner and HOBAS fiberglass pipe.  Environmental impacts were minimized throughout the process, and the stream and wetland crossings that were necessary were permitted through the USACE and the Department of Water Quality.  Phase I of the improvements cost the city $2.874 million and was completed in 2008, while Phase II was a $6.859 million project, completed in 2011.