Raleigh's Water Main Replacement

Navigating Water Main Replacements In Historic Neighborhoods

The City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department currently retains The Wooten Company in an on-call services contract that began in 2008. Raleigh continues to have a substantial need for water and wastewater infrastructure replacements and rehabilitations within its system. The contract typically focuses on smaller projects valued under $3 million in construction costs.  The Wooten Company is providing design, permitting, bidding and negotiation services for this project, and the City will complete construction management with their own forces.

Due to its complexity and size, the 2012 Water and Sewer Replacement Project was split into three individual phases, A, B and C. Phase A is located in Historic Oakwood neighborhood, bordering Downtown Raleigh just a few blocks to the north. This is a very well established neighborhood, with very narrow streets, creating challenges in design and construction of the utilities. The water and sewer are both located within the pavement. This phase included water and sewer replacement and was combined with a City of Raleigh Public Works Street Improvements Project. The Wooten Company provided coordination between the Public Utilities Department and Public Works Department during the design phase to facilitate bidding the projects together. This phase completed construction in 2016 and included 4,900 LF of sewer replacement and
3,300 LF of water replacement.  Most of the water and sewer utilities were replaced due to street resurfacing projects, and in the end, the Public Works street resurfacing and the utility replacements were bid as a single construction contract.  This was done to expedite the schedule, reduce inspection needs, and reduce chance for conflict for two contractors working in the same area.

Phase B, which is located in Historic Oakwood and Mordecai Neighborhoods, is permitted and finalizing easement acquisition. Similar to Phase A, this phase includes water and sewer replacement throughout with limited space for new utilities due to narrow streets and very well established neighborhood. This phase includes 22,300 LF of sewer replacement and 17,300 LF of water replacement.

Phase C, which is located in the Brentwood Neighborhood, in North Raleigh, is currently in the permitting phase. This project is located in a suburban neighborhood with wider street corridors. This phase includes approximately 11,000 LF of water replacement and several point repairs on existing sewer line.

The City of Raleigh also utilized The Wooten Company for water line replacements for FY 2015 and 2016.  The 2015 project is in the final design phase and includes approximately 8,000 linear feet of water replacement and 2,100 LF of sewer rehabilitation or replacement.  The FY 2016 project is currently getting underway, and will include approximately 13,000 linear feet of water line replacement and an evaluation of the sewers in the area to determine if any action is needed.  Both of these projects are being completed in advance of upcoming street improvement or resurfacing projects.