Our Work in Your Communities

Abbott’s Creek Community Center & Park - Raleigh, North Carolina

New community center brings more accessibility to community


The Abbott’s Creek Community Center & Park included the construction of a new 30,000 SF community center and park with two multipurpose fields. The project was a joint venture with Wake County Government and Wake County Public School System and is located adjacent to the site of Abbott’s Creek Elementary School. The two-story community center houses a gymnasium with an elevated indoor track, fitness & equipment room, multipurpose classrooms and studio, lockers and dressing rooms and office areas. The Wooten Company provided plumbing, mechanical, and electrical engineering design for the project.

Chapel Hill/Carrboro City Schools Northside Elementary School - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The First LEED Platinum Awarded Elementary School in North Carolina


This 100,000-square-foot school is at the heart of its neighborhood and is home to 585 students. Our Building Systems Group teamed to provide Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical engineering services to the architects during the school’s design, with a focal point on sustainable technologies to achieve their desired LEED Platinum certification. As a result, Northside was the fourth LEED Platinum elementary school built in the country, and the first in North Carolina.  Large windows in the classrooms provide natural light for the students and teachers, and a building dashboard is located in the media center accessible to teachers who can integrate the facility’s water and power usage into their lesson plans. 

The design takes advantage of sustainable highlights such as a garden roof area connected to the adjacent science classroom and a comprehensive stormwater management plan that includes an underground rainwater cistern for supplying water to the toilet fixtures and the cooling tower, pervious pavers and porous playground surfaces. Carefully designed windows, tubular skylights, and light shelves are also put to use for both maximizing daylight in classrooms and reducing the energy spent for lighting.

North Carolina State University Daniels Hall Elevator Modernization - Raleigh, North Carolina

Complete elevator modernization for multi-prime contract


The Wooten Company provided design services and construction administration to modernize the 3,000 lb capacity, 4-stop hydraulic passenger elevator in Daniels Hall. The project was bid as a multi-prime contract with an elevator contract, general contract, and an electrical contract. The elevator contractor was the project expeditor.
Specific work included the replacement of the hydraulic pumping unit including the tank, motor, pump and valves, as well as the motion/motor/operation controller. The cab interior was upgraded with stainless steel returns, headers, jambs, and a car door sill, alongside new laminate on the walls, new ceiling panels, and new flooring.

General work for the modernization of the elevator included painting the hoistway doors and frames, painting the machine room floor and ceiling, providing fire blocking in the machine room, closing off the vent in the machine room, enlarging the hole in the machine room wall for the new HVAC unit, and providing the openings for the new hallway fixtures.

Cisco RTP-1 Data Center Renovation - Morrisville, North Carolina

LEED Gold Certified Building is deigned despite constraints

Winner of a 2012 American Council of Engineering Companies of North Carolina Engineering Excellence Award


When Cisco, Inc. made the decision to retrofit an existing building on its Research Triangle park campus for a data center, The Wooten Company was chosen to provide the design assistance. With practically all disciplines in-house, including architectural and electrical, mechanical, plumbing and civil engineering, our team took a building envelop with a wide variety of design and construction constraints and transformed it into a highly functional, LEED Gold certified, visually pleasing working environment. A few of the most exciting features included replacing a ballasted roof with an adhered, reflective roof with over 20,000 square feet of solar panels.

To help in achieving its LEED certification, the exterior building surface was filled in with concrete block and covered with insulated aluminum panels, and all windows were replaced with super-clear, solar reflective, tempered glass. 

For energy to power the servers, a court was constructed for generators and transformers and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) was provided to maintain operations instantaneously in the event of a power outage. Lastly, a Central Utility Plant (CUP) was constructed for cooling the building for data center operations and reclaimed water lines were constructed to supply the CUP and site irrigation. 

Contemporary Art Museum - Raleigh, North Carolina

New HVAC systems needed for Museum's climate control demands


The Wooten Company teamed with Clearscapes, PA to convert an historic 20,000 sq-ft warehouse space into a new location for the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM). The project included a minor addition and site improvements and The Wooten Company provided mechanical design services, fire protection design, permitting, bidding and negotiation assistance and construction administration.  The highly variable occupancy demands of the Museum required the use of our AGILE HVAC systems design to efficiently handle the drastic change in loads on the climate control systems during events. Located in Downtown Raleigh, NC, the CAM hosts multiple events every week and acts as an academic unit of the North Carolina State University College of Design.