Newton's Downtown Master Plan

Spurring economic development in Downtown Newton. 

In concert with Allison Platt & Associates, the Streetscape Master Plan for Newton included master plan elements while preparing design development drawings for the streetscape surrounding the historic Courthouse Square in downtown Newton. 

The City of Newton has had declining population while much of the state is enjoying population growth. The plan is intended to raise local and regional awareness of the community and jump-start the revitalization process by improving Newton’s main asset, the historic downtown. Analysis of the downtown core included auto and truck circulation, destinations, building conditions, and street cross-sections.

After discussion with the community at a series of public meetings, paving materials were decided upon and design development drawings of the Square and two additional blocks were prepared. A comprehensive cost estimate was prepared by Allison Platt & Associates and The Wooten Company for implementation of the project in one or two phases.  A full report and marketing publication were also prepared. This project included a media website that allowed citizens to track project progress and offer opinions and suggestions. The project was completed in fall, 2015.