Lancaster County Water & Sewer District's Rum Creek Force Main Relocation

Creating Capacity With Budget In Mind

Lancaster County Water and Sewer District is faced with the need to provide additional wastewater service capacity within the drainage basin which includes the Rum Creek Lift Station.  District staff identified the desired solution as relocation of the Rum Creek Lift Station force main discharge from its current location, discharging into a gravity interceptor within the basin to an existing force main located within an adjacent drainage basin.  We were contracted by the District to provide design, permitting and bidding services for the project which includes approximately 5,200 linear feet of 12-inch force main.  Provided with the District’s concept, service provided by The Wooten Company include; evaluation of alternative alignments, surveying through a local surveying company for both right-of-way confirmation, design topography and easement mapping, development of construction drawings, use District standards to generate construction specification and bidding documents, permitting, and bidding support.  Additionally, evaluation of system operation under the proposed scenario which includes three lift stations sharing a common force main was also evaluated via hydraulic modeling.  Modeling was used to predict the operating conditions which would result at each of the lift stations.  From the predicted operating conditions under various scenarios, existing pump curves were used to present the range of operation anticipated at each site for presentation to the respective owner of each facility.  Construction is anticipated in the Summer of 2018.