We have proudly worked on new construction and renovation projects for more than 80 different public and private schools, including the first LEED certified high school and LEED Platinum certified elementary school in North Carolina. In fact, out of the 17 Wake County schools that achieved the benchmark energy usage of 40kBTUsf/year, we designed 13 of them. Our plumbing, mechanical, and electrical group has been serving North Carolina schools alongside our civil engineers since 1990, and is proud to maintain the health and welfare of our state's education system. 

Our approach to K-12 projects directly reflects our desire to support each establishment's commitment to providing the highest quality tools, teachers, and environment for today's students, and tomorrow's leaders. We believe in creating a space that is functional and comfortable for teachers and staff, while also being inspiring and engaging for students. As designers, and parents, we strive to consider the educators, administrators, students, and parents that will utilize the space.

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