Granite Falls' Elevated Water Tank

Creative financing led to the creation of more than 50 new jobs.

A water system analysis in 2000 for the Town of Granite Falls found that additional elevated storage capacity was needed in the southeast quadrant of the distribution system. In 2006, with the possibility of industrial and commercial development in this area the Town of Granite Falls looked to our team to design waterline extensions as well as a 1.0 MG elevated tank. Using the creation of new jobs as leverage, our funding specialists assisted the Town and the local Council of Governments in securing over $2,300,000 in grant funds from various agencies that included Golden Leaf, the Appalachian Regional Commission, US Department of Commerce and others, prior to kicking off the project's engineering design. In addition to the design, we provided contract administration, construction observation and grant administration services for the $3 million improvements that were completed in 2011, ultimately bringing 50 new jobs to the area.