After the Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO commissioned the construction of a new 1 million gallon composite elevated storage tank along with a request for water system modeling to include near term and future service areas, The Wooten Company was selected to provide the design and construction administration of the both the elevated storage tank and the associated linework, as well as the modeling of the H2GO system.  The project updated the skeletonized water system model to include all 6 inch diameter and larger pipe and the final model represented more than 120 miles of distribution piping.  Near term and future improvements were identified and prioritized for the existing and projected systems to ensure sufficient fire flow and pressure throughout. 

Water System Improvements

This three phase project included two subdivisions in the H2GO master water model.  The first phase involved adding the Grayson Park and Carol Lynn subdivisions water systems to the model and determining fire flows and pressures within each based on proposed improvements.  Phases 2 and 3 consisted of design (including bidding) and construction services to relocate the Sea Brook 12-inch water main connection point to downstream of the booster pump station on Buckeye Road, extending the 12-inch water main in Sea Brook to Grayson Park's 12-inch water main on NC 87, and connecting the 6-inch line at the intersection of Webster Court and Rachel Wynd to the 12-inch main on Buckeye Road via an 8-inch water line.

12-Inch Force Main Extension

As H2Go had to extend an existing 12 inch force main from the nearby intersection of Village Road and Thomas Garst Lane out to the Clairmont Pumping Station,  The Wooten Company was again contracted to provide engineering services for the project including preliminary engineering, final design, bidding and contract award assistance and construction administration and observation.  Along with surveying at the Clairmont Pumping Station, our engineers also coordinated the transmission upgrade with those responsible for designing upgrades to pumps and controls at the Belville wastewater treatment plant.