Wooten Receives 2019 ACEC/NC Engineering Excellence Award


RALEIGH, N.C. (11/9/2018) – The Wooten Company has received a 2019 Engineering Excellence Award for demonstrating the highest degree of achievement, value and ingenuity in design of the Pennington Athletic Complex’ Sixth Baseball Field.

This award was presented to The Wooten Company because of their ability to collaborate with the City of Lumberton, the Dixie Youth World Series Baseball Commission, and Terrahawk to design, permit, and construct a sixth baseball field at the Pennington Athletic Complex under a very strict deadline. Faced with a requirement to have a sixth field to be eligible to host the Dixie Youth World Series, The Wooten Company developed a custom approach with concurrent processes of planning, designing, permitting, bidding, and constructing the field happening at the same time throughout the course of the project.

Further complicating matters, the project site had poor soil conditions and the project would enter construction during the hottest and wettest part of the year. Hurricane Matthew actually hit the City of Lumberton just as the City was awarded the bid for the tournament, causing the project to be delayed by almost a year during recovery. Pushing through the challenges, our collective team was able to complete the project two weeks ahead of schedule. The positive economic impact that the Dixie Youth World Series brought to Lumberton, the excitement of all the participants, and the lasting positive impacts of having a championship ready baseball complex made this project one we are truly proud to have been a part of.

“The Wooten Company is very excited to receive this prestigious award from ACEC/NC,” said President, Bucky Moore. “Our team worked diligently to make sure that the baseball field was ready in time for the World Series. We are obviously delighted to be recognized for our efforts by ACEC/NC.