Why Keep Coming Back?

Do you find yourself repeatedly shopping at the same handful of places? I know I sure do. At one point I might have shopped at the same few places because they were in a convenient location, but now, with a plethora of options and the ease of online shopping, there are seemingly endless places for me to pick and choose where I want to shop. So if it’s not the location that keeps me coming back, then what is driving my loyalty to these stores?

While “shopping” for engineering or architectural services like ours is a little different than perusing the aisles of Target, there’s a reason that we celebrated our 13th annual client appreciation barbeque in Greenville this week – loyalty. A loyalty that’s built on much more than location. With new firms popping up almost as frequently as your local Starbucks, our clients certainly aren’t limited by the number of firms to choose from.

Having only worked for The Wooten Company for eight months, the parallel between my commitment to places like Target and our clients’ commitment to us struck me while I was sitting in my office. Dependability. Just like I know I can count on the stores I go to for great customer service, reasonable prices, and a great product, our clients know that they can depend on The Wooten Company to deliver the same.

The best part is, our clients know that our commitment to them is so much more than that. The Wooten Company prides itself on building real relationships with our clients, which is part of the reason the client appreciation barbeque was started. Our annual barbeque is based on our belief that good business is founded upon more than flashy advertising and empty promises; good business is founded on a genuine commitment to helping the communities you are a part of. With 80 years of experience behind us, we can confidently say that investing in our clients has served us just as much as it has them and we are excited about continuing to use one of our founding principles to grow and further support our valued clients. Our client appreciation barbeque is a simple way for us to give back to the clients that we are so thankful for!

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it, and to those who weren’t, we hope to see you next year, same time, and same place.

-Danielle Smith, Marketing Coordinator

The Wooten Company Opens New Winston-Salem Regional Office

Coinciding with celebrating our 80th anniversary this year, The Wooten Company has opened a new Regional Office in the Old Salem Historic District of downtown Winston-Salem, NC.

Overseen by Regional Manager John Grey, PE, this office was previously located in Asheboro, NC, from where it served the towns, cities and counties of the Piedmont over the past 18 years. While we will always look back on our time in Asheboro fondly, the move was initiated as we continue to grow amidst strong economic momentum in North Carolina. The City of Winston-Salem was chosen for our new location as it offers a centralized location along several primary transportation corridors, as well as amenities of all variety for its citizens to enjoy.

The Wooten Company has moved into the Lower Level Suite of this adapted Fire Station in the historic Old Salem neighborhood.

Vice-President, Gary Hartong, said of the move, “We are proud of our reputation for designing critical infrastructure that supports the exciting economic growth in our state, and are equally proud of the close personal relationships that our employees build with our clients. For this office, we sought after the Old Salem area for its proximity to a vibrant downtown, its immediacy to the sister City of Greensboro, and its unequaled access to both our metropolitan and rural clients so that we can provide them our engineering and construction administration services promptly and reliably.”

We are celebrating this milestone anniversary by investing heavily in our geographic coverage to better assist communities in the Carolinas and Virginia as they address today’s demands and prepare for future growth. Since 1936, we have proudly provided critical infrastructure engineering to support the health and happiness of the families who call these communities Home.

For more information on the services we provide from our new office located at 300 S Main Street, Lower Level Suite, in Winston-Salem, contact Regional Manager, John Grey, PE at jgrey@thewootencompany.com.

Building North Carolina’s Future with the Connect NC bond

Congratulations to North Carolina on the passing of the 2016 Connect NC Bond!

It’s been 15 years since the last general obligation bond was approved to upgrade North Carolina’s infrastructure and since then 2 million people have been added to our population. To keep up with this growth, voters overwhelmingly approved a $2 billion bond to provide statewide investments in education, parks, agriculture, safety, recreation, and water and sewer infrastructure. The bond will be structured through a 20-year debt instrument with no tax increases necessary to finance it. With historically low interest rates, Connect NC will not jeopardize our strong credit ratings and will pay for assets that will provide North Carolina with returns on its investment for generations to come!

As you can see in the chart below, the bond’s inclusive nature provides opportunities for each region in North Carolina. The statewide reach of the bond will ensure that North Carolina remains a state to which no other compares.

The Wooten Company is proud to have joined with the American Council of Engineering Companies of North Carolina in supporting the passing of this critical investment.  The Wooten Company looks forward to helping our clients across North Carolina in securing some of the Connect NC bond proceeds. The Wooten Company invites you to reach out to learn more about how you can take advantage of the buildings and infrastructure investment opportunities available to you. With over 80 years of experience working with schools, local government, and water and sewer authorities across North Carolina, The Wooten Company is completely equipped to help you with any bond proceeds.

Project Spotlight: Contentnea Metropolitan Sewerage District Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

On Thursday, February 18th, the Eastern Professional Wastewater Operators Committee (PWOC) was hosted by the Contentnea Metropolitan Sewerage District (CMSD) with a catered lunch from The Skylight Inn and provided by The Wooten Company. The lunch was followed by a tour of the District’s wastewater treatment plant led by Chuck Smithwick, District Manager, CMSD and Charlie Davis, P.E of The Wooten Company. We felt that this was a great excuse to showcase some of Mr. Smithwick and Mr. Davis’ hard work on this great project.

The CMSD plant began operation in 1976 as a 2.0 MGD facility and was recently expanded and upgraded to 3.5 MGD. The current plant includes screening, grit removal, 5-Stage BNR, tertiary filtration, and UV disinfection prior to its discharge to the Contentnea Creek. Aerobic sludge is dewatered with Huber Incline Screw Presses which is transported off-site for composting and also land applied (in liquid form) to CMSD owned land application sites.

The CMSD is comprised of Pitt and Lenoir Counties in North Carolina and maintains pump stations in Winterville, Ayden, along Highway 11 and in Grifton. A few years ago, the decision was made to perform improvements to these stations and also perform an upgrade to its 2.85 MGD wastewater plant.

For this, The Wooten Company provided a full range of engineering services that included a study and report phase, design, bidding and negotiation assistance, construction contract administration, construction observation and post-construction operation and maintenance training. The plant’s construction occurred in 3 phases over a 3 ½ year period and involved over $30 million dollars in grant/ loan funding from four separate funding agencies. The project included the design and installation of new influent headworks, denitrification filters, an Ultra-Violet disinfection system, a post-aeration system and all the necessary piping modifications for flexible and improved plant operation. Since the denitrification filter was placed online, the plant’s effluent Total Nitrogen (TN) has consistently averaged around 1 mg/l allowing CMSD to be well within their TN Discharge Limit of 32,000 lb/yr.

Additionally, the improvements required the construction of an effluent outfall for the discharge of effluent to the Contentnea Creek, a tributary of the nutrient-sensitive Neuse River. Mr. Davis and his staff provided grant administration for the Clean Water Management Trust Fund and NC Rural Center funding assistance for the project.

The Promise of a New Year

All things relative, 1936 was not all that long ago. In fact, many of us are fortunate to still spend holidays and the occasional Sunday brunch soaking up stories of “back in the day” with the parents and grandparents who remember these times well.

But as our world spins at a seemingly ever-increasing rate, 80 years ago can also look lightyears away from where we are today, overlooking the sunrise of 2016.

Consider some of the landmark occurrences that 1936 saw:

• The Hoover Dam was completed
• Joe DiMaggio made his Major League Baseball debut
• The doomed Hindenburg airship took its first flight
• The Volkswagen car company was created
• Italy joined the Axis Powers

These types of headlines, combined with a lingering depression and average yearly wages of around $1,713 mean it is often hard to imagine everyday life back then, let alone the business environment. But there was another headline in 1936 that, while not as monumental as some of those previously mentioned, we are quite proud of here at The Wooten Company, and that is the founding of our wonderful firm by its namesake, Louis E. Wooten himself.

As the story goes, the visionary Mr. Wooten saw amazing opportunity in the growing reliability of personal transportation and the development sprawl that it would enable, and so he went to work designing the electrification of rural communities across North Carolina and up the East Coast. To this day, 80 years after those first projects, we still embrace Mr. Wooten’s vision of bringing safe and reliable infrastructure to the communities that make up this great country. There has been no shortage of highs and lows along the way, but as we celebrate our 80th Anniversary this year, we couldn’t be prouder of who we are.

2016 promises to be an exciting year for The Wooten Company, with new leadership rising up from within, our newly developed Geomatics group hitting their stride and our expansion into South Carolina taking off as examples of just a few reasons why. One of our most valued characteristics for both our clients and employees is the close family atmosphere cultivated day after day here, and it is from this that these accomplishments are born.

Over the course of this year, we look forward to continuing to expand our geographic reach but also to standing by our long-time clients as we push together for smart growth by providing the funding assistance, studies, planning, design and construction management services essential to creating great places.

Thank you to everyone whose passion for the work we do made 2015 great, and stay tuned for what 2016 has in store.

Derrick Smith, PE, Named Greenville Branch Manager

Derrick Smith, PE, Named Greenville Branch Manager for Engineering, Planning, Architectural and Geomatics Firm, The Wooten Company

The Wooten Company, an engineering, planning, architectural and geomatics firm, is pleased to announce that Derrick Smith, PE, was recently named Branch Manager of the Greenville Office replacing Gary Hartong who will be relocating to the company’s corporate Raleigh office.

“Derrick’s previous civil engineering experience in both the construction and private development sectors balances with his most recent years of local government experience with The Wooten Company,” said Hartong. “During his tenure in our Greenville Office, Derrick has become well-accustomed to our culture of providing client-focused engineering and planning services and we are confident that he will continue establishing and maintaining strong client relationships in Eastern North Carolina.”

Smith joined the Civil Engineering team in the Greenville Office in 2011 bringing 10 years of experience in civil engineering design, environmental permitting, and land development. Prior to joining The Wooten Company, he was the owner of East Carolina Consulting, LLC and worked with Timberline Development Corporation/National Land Partners.  

We congratulate Derrick on his new position, and we look forward to seeing continued great things coming from our Greenville office.

Employee Spotlight: Vice President Gary Hartong, PE, looks back on 18 years with The Wooten Company

“18 and Life”
Not only a famous song by the rock band Skid Row but hopefully a prophecy about my career with The Wooten Company. Looking back 18 years to 1998, I was downright lucky to put my left foot through the front door of The Wooten Company. After seeing an advertisement hanging in the student lounge at NC State’s Mann Hall, it took two phone calls plus an interview where my academic transcript, and more particularly my CE 382 Hydraulics grade, was closely scrutinized before I was offered a part-time student position with the firm…6,570 days have since passed.

Fast forward 18 years. So why am I sitting in an office 77 miles east of my originally-beloved Raleigh employed by the same EAP firm where I work with many of the same employees and deal with a vast number of the same clients? Why haven’t I jumped ship when the talking heads say “you need to jump companies every 4-5 years to advance your career”? Well, it is these same employees and clients that have nurtured, educated, encouraged, and developed me into a better co-worker, engineer, husband, and father. And yes, they still continue to do it every day.

In the last 18 years, I have been given incredible opportunities for internal and external training, graduate level college education assistance and steady career advancement. Sure, I have made some personal sacrifices along the way and experienced temporary dissatisfaction at times, but when I step back and breathe it all in I quickly realize that this firm cares about its clients, its employees and their families. These are a few of the intangibles that make The Wooten Company a unique and rewarding place to develop and spend a career.

If you ask me to look into my crystal ball and project the next 18 years, then I would have to tell you that our horizon is bright. I am confident that The Wooten Company has made a great decision to promote Derrick Smith to fill my position in Greenville. I am confident that this firm’s leadership will continue to strategize to expand our technical services in both breadth (geographically) and depth (service lines) so that we can be a valuable resource and partner for our clients. And most of all, I am confident that The Wooten Company will continue to have dedicated, motivated and good-natured employees who will continue to step up to the challenge when called upon to move this firm ahead in the coming years. Cheers to the next 18!

Celebrating The Wooten Company’s Newest Professional Engineer, Miles Galloway, PE!

Miles Galloway has a lot to toast to this coming New Year’s. Not only did Miles get married this year, but he recently became The Wooten Company’s newest Professional Engineer! After graduating from North Carolina State University with a degree in Biological Engineering, Miles joined The Wooten Company as an Engineering Intern in May of 2011 and has been an integral part of many water and wastewater projects over the past four years. Miles’ understanding of the fundamentals of engineering and biology gives him a unique approach to the biological systems challenges that our Environmental Practice Group tackles on a daily basis. The Wooten Company is lucky to have Miles as one of our brilliant engineers and we couldn’t be more excited to congratulate him on his fantastic accomplishment!

Creating a Sustainable Water Supply

More than forty years ago, North Carolina began to observe groundwater issues in the Central Coastal Plain of North Carolina. Once the North Carolina State Division of Water Resources cited that certain aquifers in the region were being overused to the point of failing to meet water supply needs in the near future, the State began to work toward putting area rules in place.
In an effort to cut back on groundwater usage, the Central Coastal Plain Capacity Use Area (CCPCUA) Rules became effective in 2002. The CCPCUA Rules were designed to protect the long-term productivity of Cretaceous Aquifers by allowing the use of ground water as long as the use rate didn’t exceed the recharge rate.
Despite the State’s effort to help CCPCUA affected communities cut back on aquifer usage, Martin County documented a water supply deficit in 2005. As water levels continued to decline and a large cone of depression grew, Martin County decided it was time for some innovation and proactive decision making. Developed with the assistance of The Wooten Company, Martin County’s Water Resources Master Plan outlined three options for handling the water supply deficit.

The County could:
A) Continue to use the ground water aquifers,
B) Take advantage of the Roanoke River or
C) Expand the CCPCUA boundary.
While considering their options, Martin County partnered with both Williamston and Robersonville to form the Regional Water and Sewer Authority (MCRWASA) and deal with the water deficit on a regional level. The three communities used the creation of MCRWASA to help their region balance economies of scale while also sharing the region’s limited resources.
In order to study the water supply alternatives, The Wooten Company was then selected to perform a Preliminary Engineering Report and Environmental Assessment. The reports gave MCRWASA several options to choose from, but a Roanoke River Water Treatment Plant was ultimately selected, and then approved by the USDA. Not only did the USDA sign off on the Roanoke River Water Treatment Plant, but they also awarded the newly formed Authority an $18.2 million loan and a $2.8 million grant in 2010 to assist in its construction. This assistance, along with a Drinking Water State Revolving Fund loan and grant and a Rural Center grant covered the entire cost of the plant.
Project Cost:
• TOTAL………………………..$27,026,142
Funding Breakdown: 
• USDA Loan………………….$18,170,000
• USDA Grants………………..$6,803,142
• DWSRF Loan/Grant……….$2,013,000
• Rural Center Grant……….$40,000
• TOTAL………………………..$27,026,142
Note: DWSRF Loan of $402,600 and “Grant” of $1,610,400

Using the Roanoke River as a resource, the Roanoke Water Treatment Plant now helps Martin County, Williamston, and Robersonville provide a water capacity that will be sustainable for the next generation. With excellent water quality, a reliable water treatment process, and a wastewater assimilative capacity, the Roanoke Water Treatment Plant reflects the superior alternative selection, design, and organization that MCRWASA and The Wooten Company used to design and build it. The Roanoke Water Treatment Plant is now a model for other communities whose water resources are burdening the environment, and is an example of how The Wooten Company is dedicated to helping communities handle any water conservation need!

For more information about how the authority or plant was established, operations, and/or issues that The Wooten Company helped MCRWASA overcome, please contact:
Charlie Davis, P.E. at CDavis@thewootencompany.com
Dan Boone, P.E, P.L.S. at DBoone@thewootencompany.com

Goldsboro Celebrates TIGER Grant-Funded Center Street Rebirth

Beginning in 2006, when the City first invested in a downtown Master Plan to serve as a catalyst for revitalization, the Center Street Streetscape project in the heart of Downtown Goldsboro culminated last week with hundreds turning out to celebrate at the rainy ribbon-cutting celebration.

The streetscape project took off as a result of the 2006 Master Plan’s recommendation of a complete transformation of Center Street to address functional, aesthetic, safety, scale and also aging infrastructure issues. In 2011, the City set out to re-envision one block of Center Street at a cost of $2.38 million. Due, at least in part, to this demonstration of commitment by the City’s leaders, along with a “Complete Street” design concept, the USDOT awarded Goldsboro a $10 million TIGER grant in 2013, a portion of which was earmarked to build three more blocks of the streetscape project. This “Phase II” took the downtown to an entirely new level, installing three round-a-bouts, public art, a 12-foot granite fountain, bike lanes, extra wide sidewalks, mid-block crosswalks, underground utilities, Wi-Fi, music, game tables, shade trees and more green and pedestrian space than the street had ever seen.

As a result, since the 1st block began four years ago, 45 new businesses have opened (bringing the downtown total to 240) and 22 properties have been sold to new investors.

Landscape Architect Allison Platt & Associates led the Master Planning effort in 2006, as well as the first phase of the streetscape project, and in 2013 with the award of the TIGER grant, partnered with The Wooten Company to ensure that Phase II continued to balance vehicular movement and infrastructure, while still providing aesthetic appeal to the street.

During the second phase, the focus on coordination was brought to an even higher level, as under the new pavement, brick pavers and grassy medians, water lines were replaced or rehabilitated and storm drainage systems were redesigned, and at the street level the traffic flow, parking patterns, and sidewalks were completely reinvented. Keeping local business owners in mind, traffic patterns were carefully managed as the street was rebuilt so that access could be maintained to each shop along Center Street. Financed with federal funding, The Wooten Company and Allison Platt & Associates’ extensive experience in coordinating the input and reviews of various entities when projects are financed by outside sources was imperative to the smooth completion of the project.

Ultimately, the City of Goldsboro’s strong vision for a bustling downtown has already begun to pay off, and on a chilly and rainy Monday evening, hundreds of excited residents applauded as City officials cut the ribbon, and then proceeded to parade down their new Center Street to the beat of the local drum line.

Plans for a new community center in Dobbins Heights come to reality

Plans for a new community center in Dobbins Heights, North Carolina began in 2011 when an opportunity for the town to utilize federal funds arose.  Our planning department, renowned for their knack of finding funds for communities across North Carolina, reached out to Mayor Antonio Blue when they realized the funds were perfect for helping the town realize its dream of building a new community center.

Dobbins Heights, with a population of less than 900, is one of the smaller communities in our state and thrives on its small town life atmosphere and the strong bond between residents. Mayor Blue was ecstatic for the chance to put a new landmark in town for the community to utilize as a meeting place and learning center.

Nearly four years later, in June 2015, Mayor Blue, along with town officials and local citizens gathered together at 222 Earle Franklin Drive and opened the doors to the new Dobbins Heights Community Center.  The Wooten Company’s Interim Planning Director, Dan McFarland, was on hand and delivered a few words of appreciation to the crowd.

“We look forward to see how quickly this community center becomes a catalyst for ongoing community development for all of Dobbins Heights.  The Wooten Company is honored to have been able to work alongside the Mayor, Council and the citizens of this community to make this dream a reality.”

The $500,000 building, nearly 100% of which was funded by the federal grants uncovered by The Wooten Company, houses 12 computers, a kitchen and a banquet hall.  The landmark can now be used by the public for community events, or to take advantage of free-access computers within the building.

Taking the initiative a step further, the Town of Dobbins Heights is now making plans to improve the park next to the center, with resurfacing the basketball court and tennis courts at the top of their priority list to continue building on the hometown atmosphere they have worked so hard for.

Durham CoHo Catches the Attention of the Triangle American Institute of Architects (AIA)

There is a broad sweeping trend across the globe to decrease our human footprint, and it is changing cityscapes and the way our communities are planned and implemented.  Cohousing communities, which are intentional and collaborative neighborhoods, are founded, planned and designed by the residents that eventually live within the spaces.  More often than not, they are strategically designed to create innovative spaces that are not only environmentally friendly, but also provide a more economical and community driven lifestyle for their residents.

North Carolina is home to six of the 130 cohousing communities in the United States, with 10 more new neighborhoods underway according to The Cohousing Association. The most recent project completed in North Carolina opened its doors in 2014 in the heart of the City of Medicine, Durham, NC.  The Durham Central Park Cohousing Community (Durham Coho) sits off of the south side of Downtown Durham on the 100th Block of Hunt Street and offers 24 private units in the 60,000 square foot building with shared community spaces for gatherings, both as a community and private gatherings, shared laundry facilities, garden spaces and an open roof-top terrace, as well as two guest bedrooms for visitors.

The building, and the shared community atmosphere, recently recognized by the Triangle American Institute of Architects (AIA), was presented one of three prestigious Honors Awards in April of this year.  Weinstein Friedlein Architects, local to the Durham area, worked hand-in-hand with 26 of the co-founding residents to create the shared community concept, which involved far more than simply creating a beautiful building.  The residents and architects had to make conscious decisions about how the community would operate as a whole, including utilities, shared spaces, common needs, and more.  Even further, the residents and Weinstein Friedlein had to make sure the design would support the goals of the Durham Coho residents, allowing the neighborhood to function together as a group rather than individuals.

These key decisions made this building an economically and environmentally friendly place to call home.  As a part of this, the community and The Wooten Company worked together to install a variable refrigerant volume HVAC system with energy recovery ventilation on each of the four floors and to connect the entire building system to a single meter rather than individual systems for each unit.  Solar thermal panels and intelligent lighting controls were put in place throughout the building to take the building a step further in its sustainable mission.

In the end, Weinstein Friedlein Architects, the residents and The Wooten Company successfully created more than just a ‘condominium building’, but an atmosphere geared towards growth, friendship and teamwork.  In fact, the building so impressed Will Bruder, the lead architect of the AIA awards jury, that he moved into Durham COHO.

Congratulations to the team for their hard-earned recognition!

Project Spotlight: Clinton, North Carolina’s Courthouse Square

With new funding programs being made available to communities every year, municipalities are taking a creative look at their downtown spaces and developing their own unique atmosphere to help support local businesses while also providing residents with a relaxing, safe place to gather.

As the deadline for municipalities to apply for the Downtown Associate Community program approaches, we decided it was time to take a look back at one of our North Carolina Main Street Award projects.

As the heart of the community, the Courthouse Square portrays a strong sense of identity and strength for the citizens in just about any County. When the North Carolina Main Street Grant opportunity was developed, the City of Clinton saw an opportunity to revamp their Courthouse Square by enhancing the physical and aesthetic aspects of this important public space.

The City’s plan included streetscape improvements to provide increased public safety and a more pleasant pedestrian experience, along with new sidewalks with brick paved accents, new period lighting to maintain the historic nature of the space, new traffic signals and pedestrian crossing signals coordinated with the lighting design.

To provide an open public venue, a new seat wall around the Courthouse green and pedestrian benches were built, and street trees with complementary open space plantings were placed along the thoroughfare.

The Wooten Company provided the engineering design for the overall project, along with correcting storm drainage problems and improving traffic flow while still slowing traffic speed. Our team also provided contract administration and construction observation to oversee the milling of existing asphalt pavement, 4,700 feet of conduits for CP&L Power lines, and DOT signalization control wires, the replacement of curbs, gutters and sidewalks, pavement overlay and striping, landscaping, and even coordination of work with City, Sampson County, NCDOT, local utilities companies, Sprint Telephone, and, of course, downtown business owners.

After the project was completed, Clinton was awarded “Best Public Improvement Project” from the N.C. Main Street Center.

Wooten Celebrates 17 Years of Service in Hickory, NC

In the mid-1990’s, Catawba County saw a 6.8% increase in population, a number which has since slowed, swaying between 2.7% to 4.5%, but that has always remained positive to this date.  The City of Hickory has long been the metropolitan area in the County, helping to encourage both growth and development in the area with employment opportunities and a growing tourist market.

In 1997, with long standing clients and strong relationships throughout the area (some dating back to the Company’s formative years of operation), The Wooten Company decided to expand its ability to serve this growing region and open  its fourth branch office in Hickory, North Carolina. This week we are excited to announce that the Hickory Branch Office is celebrating its 17th birthday.

Finding a branch manager knowledgeable of the ins and outs of local government was an essential element in the success of the new branch, and Clarence Lockamy, PE, PLS stepped up to the task in 1997, leaving his 22 year career as a City Engineer for the City of Kinston. Since then, Clarence has led the Company in its quest to serve the western portion of the State of North Carolina.

Over the past 17 years, the Hickory Office has grown from a four-man operation to a streamlined team of six staffers:

Clarence Lockamy, PE, PLS & Branch Manager has led his team since the branch’s conception,  leveraging his experience in management, surveying, design and construction administration of various municipal and private projects such as storm drainage system improvements, street construction/ resurfacing programs, water/sewer system improvements, and municipal recreational facility improvements.

 Michelle Flowers, PE joined the company in 2013, working alongside Clarence Lockamy as she pursued her PE certification, which she received in December, 2014.  Michelle has worked on various projects over the past two years including water and wastewater systems, sewer improvements and rehabilitations, as well as sidewalk installations and park master plans.

 Jay DeCoursey, PLS operates the Hickory Office’s Geomatics and Survey arm, bringing 19 years in land surveying, including Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), microstation and GeoPack programs.  Coupled with his degree in Urban and Regional Planning and Development from ECU, Jay bridges the gap with both the civil and planning sides of the office.

 Billie Hansen has been an essential resource for local governments across the State in economic and infrastructure development since joining The Wooten Company in 2004. Possessing 22 years of experience in grant writing and project management assistance, Billie focuses her passion for her home state on securing financing to get economic development projects off the ground and keep them running smoothly.

 Kevin Scott has spent the past 14-years leveraging his background in CAD, surveying and GIS to assist in the design of waterlines, sanitary sewer lines, gravity and force mains, booster pump stations, water treatment plants, and wastewater treatment plants. All of this, as well as road design, road resurfacing, curb and gutter design, and grading work, Kevin is relied on as the go-to guy for design work in almost every project.

 Lisa Bradshaw was the second employee of the Hickory Branch and has worked with the company since the doors opened in 1998. She plays an integral role in maintaining client relationships, assisting with marketing efforts and managing Clarence as he manages the office.

Whether it is scouring for project funding, helping to provide safe drinking water, designing improvements at your wastewater treatment plant, or preparing that new site for an exciting development, we have been privileged to play a part in the growth of the towns, cities and counties you guide and develop, and are dedicated to continuing these efforts.

Wooten’s Asheboro Office Celebrates 17 Years

With a population of nearly 26,000 and a healthy, growing economy, the City of Asheboro is well-set to keep its status as ‘The Heart of North Carolina’.  Adorned with popular NC attractions; the NC Zoo, a Classical Motorcycle Museum and Aviation museum, one of only two historic covered bridges in the State, and an enticing downtown, Asheboro was an easy choice for The Wooten Company’s third office location, which opened 17 years ago this week.

One of the assisting founders of the Asheboro office and current Branch Manager, John Grey felt right at home taking the lead and expanding TheWooten Company’s reach.  After graduating from the area in ’82 and leaving for a short stay in Raleigh to receive his degree from NC State and earn his PE credentials shortly thereafter, Grey was happy to return to his old stomping grounds and put his background in utility infrastructure to use.

As the City of Asheboro made upgrades to their downtown area and continued to build out and up, new and upgraded capital infrastructure was sure to be a big part of the picture.  From upgraded pump stations, to extending water and sewer lines, or assessing and improving water and wastewater treatment plants, The Wooten Company’s Asheboro Branch has held true to its promise to support the communities that make up our great State, just as the company has for the last 78 years.

“I am proud to say I’ve had the privilege of playing an active role in the growth of our community for over 17 years, and I look forward to many more years of contributing to my hometown.” –John Grey, PE

Supported by a strong local government, led by native John Ogburn, City Manager, and key infrastructure directors, Michael Leonard, City Engineer, Michael Rhoney, Director of Water Resources, along with David Hutchins, Director of the Public Works Department, Asheboro has been proactive in managing the pipes below the ground.  This leadership has allowed the City to hold on to a competitive edge in keeping utility costs low for its residents: one of the very important factors spurring the economic growth of the area.

With over 78 years in the engineeringplanning and architectural industry, The Wooten Company has quietly offered in-house engineering surveying support in all of its projects for decades. 2014, though, saw many exciting changes, including the expansion of our survey and GIS departments to offer a full scale Geomatics program.

Beginning with Chris Mielke, Professional Land Surveyor and Certified Survey Technician, joining the company early in the year and followed by some more strong investments in our staff, we are proud to announce this service for our clients. Supported by a team trained to offer a broad range of specialties, we now offer cutting edge and cost efficient surveying and geographic information systems services, from image processing and digital photogrammetry, to remote sensing, satellite-based global positioning, and drone based mapping, as well as laser scanning, surveying and digital mapping.

Of course, with a new department, personal growth and goals for our staff are also being met.  Tyrus Cohan, GISP, GIS Coordinator with The Wooten Company for 8 years, received his Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) license in 2014, completing the program by providing more than enough evidence of surveying knowledge and experience, to measure up to the industry standards.

Cal Scheinert, Project Surveyor for The Wooten Company, transferred from our corporate Raleigh office to the Asheboro location, adding balance to the Geomatics Department and furthering its accessibility into North Carolina’s eastern regions.

Our Greenville office also gained its own survey professionals, Cale Galloway and Kailey Adams. Cale, is a Project Surveyor with more than 9 years of experience and a PhD in Coastal Resource Management, and Kailey is a Survey Technician who received her BA in Geography from East Carolina University last year.

Jay DeCoursey, PLS joined our Hickory Branch Office, ensuring that our friends in the western areas of the State could also reap the benefits of his 19 years in the geomatics industry through our expanded service.

And lastly, Mark Hussey, our veteran Project Surveyor celebrated 27 years at The Wooten Company in 2014, and Brent Pearce, GIS Analyst II, rounded out his 8thwith us.

We are excited to offer this expansion and look forward to introducing these talented team members to all our clients and friends as we kick off 2015.

The Wooten Company, Version 20.15

It’s that time of year again: the ending of one, the beginning of a new, and a time for change, realignment and moving forward.  Thankfully, The Wooten Company has an incredible team havocking any chance for a slow start to the New Year, with momentum building, and new initiatives being pursued.  We are pushing to make 2015 the best yet, for you, for us, for North Carolina, and for the engineering industry.

Of course, we have been building up for this big push since early last year, and even before that, which made 2014 an all-around success.  Some key accomplishments included: the development of a new Geomatics Department, rolling out our Asset Management Software, AMOS 1.0, through Wooten Technologies, and of course offering our clients a more robust team than ever by continuing to aggressively develop our staff and hiring new talent to keep up with this exciting growth.

With all of our in-house changes, we also stepped back to take a hard look at our clients’ goals and needs, and compared that against our company as a whole.  As a result, we decided it was time to revisit the Strategic Plan and realign ourselves to keep pushing our client’s satisfaction through communication, efficiency, focus, ability, knowledge, and more.  Throughout 2015, we will be focusing on our business development and marketing models, overall project management and human resources.

Keeping you, our friend and client, in mind, we’re excited for the positive change throughout the coming year, and we welcome you to follow our blog feed and provide feedback as we step forward into the New Year.

Joe Durham Retires After 30 Years

After 30 years of service to the State of North Carolina, Joe Durham will be stepping down from his post as Deputy County Manager for Wake County this month, a position he has held for 13 years.  During his tenure not only did Durham help manage the County’s explosive growth, but he also lead numerous major programs including community services, human services, workforce development, public safety and emergency services to meet the needs of the rapidly growing public.

Durham’s long history in local government includes time spent serving Edgecombe County, the City of Rocky Mount, the NC Department of Natural Resources and Community Development, the City of Sanford and Richmond County.  We are proud to say that in addition to this impressive resume, somewhere in the middle Durham found his way through the doors of The Wooten Company where he was a Community Planner.  He is a graduate of East Carolina University and also attended graduate programs at East Carolina and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“We worked with Joe Durham while he was with the NC Department of Natural Resources and Community Development.  What impressed me then, and throughout his career at Wooten, was his outstanding work ethic and high level of professionalism.”

Steve Player, Project Development Manager, The Wooten Company

In an interview with Martha Quillin, Reporter for the News and Observer, Durham noted that it’s a good time to move on and that he plans to continue working in a consultant role, although he admits to he would also like to see his golf game improve.

More than Engineers. This Company Can Cook Too.

The Wooten Company celebrated a tradition maintained through the life of the company, gathering as friends, not just colleagues, to feast upon an ever growing spread of thanksgiving tradition. From the juicy ham provided by The Wooten Company (cooked compliments of Angela Settle) to Susan Petry’s cranberry salad and Katrina Perry’s delectable lemon pound cake, and everything in between, the crowd of 42 enjoyed sitting back, conversing and more importantly, eating. Of course, pausing to be thankful for such a blessed year as a team, The Wooten Company also took a moment to remember the clients, partners and supporters; the true cornerstone behind this company.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Wooten Company!

We Are Proud of Our Veterans!

At the front entry of The Wooten Company Headquarters on Tuesday, November 11th,  a beautiful fall afternoon, with cupcakes and punch passed around, the Wooten team celebrated the Veterans among our staff.  From the Korean War to the more recent War on Terrorism, we are graced with 10 employees who have served this country since as early as 1959.

The Wooten Company’s appreciation for the Soldiers of the United States of America didn’t end, or begin at the company’s front door.  In early 2013, Clarence Lockamy, PE, Hickory Office, dedicated time and effort in the design and engineering of a Veterans Monument for the Town of Granite Falls, North Carolina.

At 11:11 a.m., on Tuesday, November 11, 2014, the Town of Granite Falls held a dedication ceremony, completing the final inspection of the Granite Falls Veterans Monument, with a dedication from Lt. Gen. Thomas C. Waskow honoring soldiers past, present and future.

As the week of November 11th continued on at The Wooten Company, memories continued to reverberate throughout the halls, and it wasn’t just he the trill of patriotic fanfare and whistling loudly displayed in Steve Player’s office.  Staff continued to remember Veteran’s who made a difference in their lives, dating back as early as the 1940’s.  The Wooten Company is proud to display the images of our past Veterans and will continue to commemorate the sacrifices provided by all those who have served.