Going for Gold

Weren’t the Rio  2016 Olympics great, watching the athletes giving it their all to get to the “finish line” in their individual sports?

Projects, in a way are like that. How do we give it our all to get to the finish line to see this project built?

Recently, The Wooten Company met with a group of County Commissioners  and County Mangers on this very topic. How do we get funding for our projects to get them to the ‘finish line?”

Grants are the preferred method but there are generally less grants now than a decade ago. Applicants for available grants face greater competition from other applicants than ever before. It is like going to the bank to get a loan or a home mortgage, Many questions and documents follow the initial meeting.

With the County officials we discussed current trends occurring in grants. We discussed twenty four specific grants and preferred rate loans in which counties may be interested.   Many times, these awards are the impetus to getting to the finish line with your project.

The Wooten Company can help you get to the finish line with our engineering and project funding capabilities. After all, we have been doing this for 80 years. Give us a call and see how we can help you.