Why Keep Coming Back?

Do you find yourself repeatedly shopping at the same handful of places? I know I sure do. At one point I might have shopped at the same few places because they were in a convenient location, but now, with a plethora of options and the ease of online shopping, there are seemingly endless places for me to pick and choose where I want to shop. So if it’s not the location that keeps me coming back, then what is driving my loyalty to these stores?

While “shopping” for engineering or architectural services like ours is a little different than perusing the aisles of Target, there’s a reason that we celebrated our 13th annual client appreciation barbeque in Greenville this week – loyalty. A loyalty that’s built on much more than location. With new firms popping up almost as frequently as your local Starbucks, our clients certainly aren’t limited by the number of firms to choose from.

Having only worked for The Wooten Company for eight months, the parallel between my commitment to places like Target and our clients’ commitment to us struck me while I was sitting in my office. Dependability. Just like I know I can count on the stores I go to for great customer service, reasonable prices, and a great product, our clients know that they can depend on The Wooten Company to deliver the same.

The best part is, our clients know that our commitment to them is so much more than that. The Wooten Company prides itself on building real relationships with our clients, which is part of the reason the client appreciation barbeque was started. Our annual barbeque is based on our belief that good business is founded upon more than flashy advertising and empty promises; good business is founded on a genuine commitment to helping the communities you are a part of. With 80 years of experience behind us, we can confidently say that investing in our clients has served us just as much as it has them and we are excited about continuing to use one of our founding principles to grow and further support our valued clients. Our client appreciation barbeque is a simple way for us to give back to the clients that we are so thankful for!

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it, and to those who weren’t, we hope to see you next year, same time, and same place.

-Danielle Smith, Marketing Coordinator