Wooten Celebrates 17 Years of Service in Hickory, NC

In the mid-1990’s, Catawba County saw a 6.8% increase in population, a number which has since slowed, swaying between 2.7% to 4.5%, but that has always remained positive to this date.  The City of Hickory has long been the metropolitan area in the County, helping to encourage both growth and development in the area with employment opportunities and a growing tourist market.

In 1997, with long standing clients and strong relationships throughout the area (some dating back to the Company’s formative years of operation), The Wooten Company decided to expand its ability to serve this growing region and open  its fourth branch office in Hickory, North Carolina. This week we are excited to announce that the Hickory Branch Office is celebrating its 17th birthday.

Finding a branch manager knowledgeable of the ins and outs of local government was an essential element in the success of the new branch, and Clarence Lockamy, PE, PLS stepped up to the task in 1997, leaving his 22 year career as a City Engineer for the City of Kinston. Since then, Clarence has led the Company in its quest to serve the western portion of the State of North Carolina.

Over the past 17 years, the Hickory Office has grown from a four-man operation to a streamlined team of six staffers:

Clarence Lockamy, PE, PLS & Branch Manager has led his team since the branch’s conception,  leveraging his experience in management, surveying, design and construction administration of various municipal and private projects such as storm drainage system improvements, street construction/ resurfacing programs, water/sewer system improvements, and municipal recreational facility improvements.

 Michelle Flowers, PE joined the company in 2013, working alongside Clarence Lockamy as she pursued her PE certification, which she received in December, 2014.  Michelle has worked on various projects over the past two years including water and wastewater systems, sewer improvements and rehabilitations, as well as sidewalk installations and park master plans.

 Jay DeCoursey, PLS operates the Hickory Office’s Geomatics and Survey arm, bringing 19 years in land surveying, including Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), microstation and GeoPack programs.  Coupled with his degree in Urban and Regional Planning and Development from ECU, Jay bridges the gap with both the civil and planning sides of the office.

 Billie Hansen has been an essential resource for local governments across the State in economic and infrastructure development since joining The Wooten Company in 2004. Possessing 22 years of experience in grant writing and project management assistance, Billie focuses her passion for her home state on securing financing to get economic development projects off the ground and keep them running smoothly.

 Kevin Scott has spent the past 14-years leveraging his background in CAD, surveying and GIS to assist in the design of waterlines, sanitary sewer lines, gravity and force mains, booster pump stations, water treatment plants, and wastewater treatment plants. All of this, as well as road design, road resurfacing, curb and gutter design, and grading work, Kevin is relied on as the go-to guy for design work in almost every project.

 Lisa Bradshaw was the second employee of the Hickory Branch and has worked with the company since the doors opened in 1998. She plays an integral role in maintaining client relationships, assisting with marketing efforts and managing Clarence as he manages the office.

Whether it is scouring for project funding, helping to provide safe drinking water, designing improvements at your wastewater treatment plant, or preparing that new site for an exciting development, we have been privileged to play a part in the growth of the towns, cities and counties you guide and develop, and are dedicated to continuing these efforts.