With over 78 years in the engineeringplanning and architectural industry, The Wooten Company has quietly offered in-house engineering surveying support in all of its projects for decades. 2014, though, saw many exciting changes, including the expansion of our survey and GIS departments to offer a full scale Geomatics program.

Beginning with Chris Mielke, Professional Land Surveyor and Certified Survey Technician, joining the company early in the year and followed by some more strong investments in our staff, we are proud to announce this service for our clients. Supported by a team trained to offer a broad range of specialties, we now offer cutting edge and cost efficient surveying and geographic information systems services, from image processing and digital photogrammetry, to remote sensing, satellite-based global positioning, and drone based mapping, as well as laser scanning, surveying and digital mapping.

Of course, with a new department, personal growth and goals for our staff are also being met.  Tyrus Cohan, GISP, GIS Coordinator with The Wooten Company for 8 years, received his Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) license in 2014, completing the program by providing more than enough evidence of surveying knowledge and experience, to measure up to the industry standards.

Cal Scheinert, Project Surveyor for The Wooten Company, transferred from our corporate Raleigh office to the Asheboro location, adding balance to the Geomatics Department and furthering its accessibility into North Carolina’s eastern regions.

Our Greenville office also gained its own survey professionals, Cale Galloway and Kailey Adams. Cale, is a Project Surveyor with more than 9 years of experience and a PhD in Coastal Resource Management, and Kailey is a Survey Technician who received her BA in Geography from East Carolina University last year.

Jay DeCoursey, PLS joined our Hickory Branch Office, ensuring that our friends in the western areas of the State could also reap the benefits of his 19 years in the geomatics industry through our expanded service.

And lastly, Mark Hussey, our veteran Project Surveyor celebrated 27 years at The Wooten Company in 2014, and Brent Pearce, GIS Analyst II, rounded out his 8thwith us.

We are excited to offer this expansion and look forward to introducing these talented team members to all our clients and friends as we kick off 2015.