To Burst or Not to Burst. Pipe Bursting in Ramseur, NC.

The Town of Ramseur, North Carolina found themselves in the trenches when it came to repaving their main street in downtown.  For 75 years, the town had pumped water through the original 8-inch, grey cast iron water main, lead-sealed and only three feet under the ground.  As construction plans were made, concerns grew that the old lead-sealed pipe would not be able to sustain the pressures of construction.  Furthermore, with lead-seals, damage to the pipe potentially would not become obvious until well after the construction project was complete.

Keeping costs and materials in mind, John Grey, PE for The Wooten Company, offered a more effective, less costly alternative to simply going about removing the pipe in the traditional open-cut construction method.  Rather than cut trenches requiring additional equipment, traffic control, manpower and right-of-way, Mr. Grey recommended a process called Pipe Bursting.  The end result, the Town of Ramseur got a new water main at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional removal and replacement.

The North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) published a White Paper featuring Mr. Grey’s successful removal and replacement of Ramseur’s original water main, noting this project as a solid industry standard in trenchless technology and pipe bursting.