The Wooten Company, Version 20.15

It’s that time of year again: the ending of one, the beginning of a new, and a time for change, realignment and moving forward.  Thankfully, The Wooten Company has an incredible team havocking any chance for a slow start to the New Year, with momentum building, and new initiatives being pursued.  We are pushing to make 2015 the best yet, for you, for us, for North Carolina, and for the engineering industry.

Of course, we have been building up for this big push since early last year, and even before that, which made 2014 an all-around success.  Some key accomplishments included: the development of a new Geomatics Department, rolling out our Asset Management Software, AMOS 1.0, through Wooten Technologies, and of course offering our clients a more robust team than ever by continuing to aggressively develop our staff and hiring new talent to keep up with this exciting growth.

With all of our in-house changes, we also stepped back to take a hard look at our clients’ goals and needs, and compared that against our company as a whole.  As a result, we decided it was time to revisit the Strategic Plan and realign ourselves to keep pushing our client’s satisfaction through communication, efficiency, focus, ability, knowledge, and more.  Throughout 2015, we will be focusing on our business development and marketing models, overall project management and human resources.

Keeping you, our friend and client, in mind, we’re excited for the positive change throughout the coming year, and we welcome you to follow our blog feed and provide feedback as we step forward into the New Year.