The Promise of a New Year

All things relative, 1936 was not all that long ago. In fact, many of us are fortunate to still spend holidays and the occasional Sunday brunch soaking up stories of “back in the day” with the parents and grandparents who remember these times well.

But as our world spins at a seemingly ever-increasing rate, 80 years ago can also look lightyears away from where we are today, overlooking the sunrise of 2016.

Consider some of the landmark occurrences that 1936 saw:

• The Hoover Dam was completed
• Joe DiMaggio made his Major League Baseball debut
• The doomed Hindenburg airship took its first flight
• The Volkswagen car company was created
• Italy joined the Axis Powers

These types of headlines, combined with a lingering depression and average yearly wages of around $1,713 mean it is often hard to imagine everyday life back then, let alone the business environment. But there was another headline in 1936 that, while not as monumental as some of those previously mentioned, we are quite proud of here at The Wooten Company, and that is the founding of our wonderful firm by its namesake, Louis E. Wooten himself.

As the story goes, the visionary Mr. Wooten saw amazing opportunity in the growing reliability of personal transportation and the development sprawl that it would enable, and so he went to work designing the electrification of rural communities across North Carolina and up the East Coast. To this day, 80 years after those first projects, we still embrace Mr. Wooten’s vision of bringing safe and reliable infrastructure to the communities that make up this great country. There has been no shortage of highs and lows along the way, but as we celebrate our 80th Anniversary this year, we couldn’t be prouder of who we are.

2016 promises to be an exciting year for The Wooten Company, with new leadership rising up from within, our newly developed Geomatics group hitting their stride and our expansion into South Carolina taking off as examples of just a few reasons why. One of our most valued characteristics for both our clients and employees is the close family atmosphere cultivated day after day here, and it is from this that these accomplishments are born.

Over the course of this year, we look forward to continuing to expand our geographic reach but also to standing by our long-time clients as we push together for smart growth by providing the funding assistance, studies, planning, design and construction management services essential to creating great places.

Thank you to everyone whose passion for the work we do made 2015 great, and stay tuned for what 2016 has in store.