Plans for a new community center in Dobbins Heights come to reality

Plans for a new community center in Dobbins Heights, North Carolina began in 2011 when an opportunity for the town to utilize federal funds arose.  Our planning department, renowned for their knack of finding funds for communities across North Carolina, reached out to Mayor Antonio Blue when they realized the funds were perfect for helping the town realize its dream of building a new community center.

Dobbins Heights, with a population of less than 900, is one of the smaller communities in our state and thrives on its small town life atmosphere and the strong bond between residents. Mayor Blue was ecstatic for the chance to put a new landmark in town for the community to utilize as a meeting place and learning center.

Nearly four years later, in June 2015, Mayor Blue, along with town officials and local citizens gathered together at 222 Earle Franklin Drive and opened the doors to the new Dobbins Heights Community Center.  The Wooten Company’s Interim Planning Director, Dan McFarland, was on hand and delivered a few words of appreciation to the crowd.

“We look forward to see how quickly this community center becomes a catalyst for ongoing community development for all of Dobbins Heights.  The Wooten Company is honored to have been able to work alongside the Mayor, Council and the citizens of this community to make this dream a reality.”

The $500,000 building, nearly 100% of which was funded by the federal grants uncovered by The Wooten Company, houses 12 computers, a kitchen and a banquet hall.  The landmark can now be used by the public for community events, or to take advantage of free-access computers within the building.

Taking the initiative a step further, the Town of Dobbins Heights is now making plans to improve the park next to the center, with resurfacing the basketball court and tennis courts at the top of their priority list to continue building on the hometown atmosphere they have worked so hard for.