Ann’s House of Nuts is Going ‘Fat Free’ in Martin County

Representatives of Ann’s House of Nuts, KBS Construction, Highland Tank Company and The Wooten Company gathered in Robersonville, NC on May 15th for the start-up of a 12,000 gallon passive grease interceptor. The installation will significantly reduce the level of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in Ann’s wastewater, which is discharged to the Town of Robersonville‘s wastewater collection and treatment system.


In late 2012, Ann’s and The Wooten Company began work designing a solution to the high concentrations of FOG in its wastewater discharge. After evaluating several options, a passive grease interceptor (PGI) was selected due to its lower upfront investment and long-term operation and maintenance costs. A 12,000 gallon cylindrical steel interceptor was manufactured by Highland Tank Company of Greensboro, NC, and buried onsite to allow natural separation of the nut oils prior to pumping the wastewater to Robersonville. A new pump station, additional force main piping and electronic FOG monitoring was installed, along with a sampling station on the effluent side of the interceptor to support the new system.

Ann’s House of Nuts is the leading privately held trail mix and nut company in the United States, producing over 350 consumer products. With this in mind, close coordination was required between Ann’s, Wooten and KBS to not disrupt truck deliveries nor plant production processes. The project is scheduled for completion June 1st, where the PGI will be placed online and the Town of Robersonville’s wastewater collection and treatment system will begin to see a much lighter load.