Our Work in Your Communities

Cisco RTP-1 Data Center Renovation - Morrisville, North Carolina

LEED Gold Certified Building is designed despite constraints

Winner of a 2012 American Council of Engineering Companies of North Carolina Engineering Excellence Award


When Cisco, Inc. made the decision to retrofit an existing building on its Research Triangle park campus for a data center, The Wooten Company was chosen to provide the design assistance. With practically all disciplines in-house, including architectural and electrical, mechanical, plumbing and civil engineering, the Wooten designers took a building enveloped with a wide variety of design and construction constraints and transformed it into a highly functional, LEED Gold certified, visually pleasing working environment. Project features included replacing a ballasted roof with an adhered, reflective roof with over 20,000 square feet of solar panels.

The exterior building surface was filled in with concrete block and covered with insulated aluminum panels. All windows were replaced with super-clear, solar reflective, tempered glass. Individually stained brick and mortar were installed to match burgundy color schemes, as seen elsewhere on Cisco campus. A court was constructed for generators and transformers needed to supply power to the data center. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) was provided to maintain operations instantaneously in the event of a power outage. A Central Utility Plant (CUP) was constructed for cooling the building as required for data center operations and reclaimed water lines were constructed to supply the CUP and site irrigation. A model space was created to coordinate the data cabinets, cable trays, bus ducts, sprinkler lines, lights, etc., and, additionally, flooring was replaced with a conductive type in a pattern which identified pedestrian circulation and rows for server cabinets.

Clinton L. Thomas Community Center - Pembroke Housing Authority

Community center designed with neighborhood in mind


The Wooten Company undertook a project to provide the Pembroke Housing Authority’s community center with a complete renovation. Project Architect, Russell Pearlman, developed design plans and construction documents to outfit the Clinton Thomas Community Center with a complete renovation. This renovation provided for office space, a reading/study rooms, movies, recreation room, family event room, and health screening capabilities for the residents of the Housing Authority. These renovations, which involved lighting, roofing, windows, landscaping, HVAC components and complete interior refinishing, allowed residents improved access to jobs by providing internet connectivity, educational opportunities and ultimately an asset for the neighborhood to come together around. While the Community Center was completed in 2012, the Pembroke Housing Authority continues to work together with The Wooten Company as it strives towards making a positive impact on its residents.

Space Needs Study - Camden County, North Carolina

Public input plays a part in building needs study


Over the five-month study period, our team analyzed the County's Senior Center, Parks & Recreation, Planning & Zoning, Water & Sewer, Tax, Public Works, County Administration, Economic Development, Finance, and Human Resources Departments, and NC Cooperative Extension offices.  As a starting point in determining the needs of the new buildings, the spaces in these existing buildings were measured and their functions were recorded.  User input regarding their future space needs was integrated into the knowledge base.  We took those space projections and developed an actual floor plan: wall thickness, door swings, hallways, mechanical and electrical space, even the furniture to verify the numbers in a working model for the client.  Not only did The Wooten Company analyze the building needs, but we also developed a workable site concept.  We considered the suitability of the County’s 7.69-acre site for accommodating projected space needs.  The site for Camden County includes the two buildings that were developed for this project: a new County Office Building which contains all functions except that housed in the new Public Works Building, provisions for stormwater retention, and more than the required number of parking spaces.  To help the Commissioners discuss the way forward, an opinion of construction cost was developed and regionally adjusted.  Square foot costs for Civic Offices, Community Centers, and Warehouse space were proportionally applied to the proposed new facilities. 

New Town Hall Design - Pembroke, North Carolina

Keeping staff and visitors front of mind was forefront in creating a new Town Hall for the Town of Pembroke.


The Wooten Company provided complete architectural design services for the Town of Pembroke’s new town hall, as well as site work, landscaping, irrigation, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical work. The 10,500 square foot building is of patterned brick construction with a standing seam metal roof and central clerestory for natural interior light. Occupying the office surrounding the town meeting hall are five governmental functions - Tax, Water, Police, Planning, and Administration Departments. Facilities were provided for the Police and Sheriff's departments including emergency dispatch and communications. Town Administration areas include the Mayor's and Town Manager's offices, utilities, planning and a Council Room. The exterior finish presents brick veneer, dark bronze window frames with tinted glass and a shingle roof. The formal central axis established outside extends inside the building to a centrally located town meeting hall. The meeting room features wood tambour paneling, a painted, sloped ceiling, and oak Town Council bench, and fixed seating for 90 people. Heating and cooling are provided by a packaged roof-top mounted unit that provides natural gas heating and electrical air-conditioning, while the electrical system includes a zoned fire alarm system and emergency generator.