Apex's Kelly Rd. Pump Station

Expanding and upgrading Apex's largest lift station.

The Town of Apex, NC's Kelly Road pump station served as the town's largest lift station with an original pumping capacity of 3 mgd.  

Our Civil Department was contracted to design an expansion and upgrade the station to a new pumping capacity of 6 mgd at 352 feet total dynamic head.  The existing submersible pumps were replaced with new submersible pumps that serve as the stage 1 pump in a series pump configuration.  The new stage 2 pumps are of the dry-pit design housed in a new building constructed at grade.  Each pump consists of a 300 Hp motor furnished complete with a variable speed drive and bypass solid state soft starter.  Hydraulically actuated pump control valves were provided on the pump discharge to open and close such that transient surge conditions are minimized.  Lastly, the project incorporated a submersible pressure transducer for wet well level control and a PLC based control system.