FOG Reductions at Ann's House of Nuts' Production Facility.

In December 2012, Ann's House of Nuts elected to work with The Wooten Company to help design a solution to reduce the high concentrations of FOG in its wastewater discharge to the Town of Robersonville, NC. The Wooten Company was asked to perform a wastewater systems analysis to help reduce elevated concentrations of peanut oil in the wastewater discharge.

Our services included an initial investigation of treatment technology, an alternatives analysis and a recommended alternative for implementation.  Ann's House of Nuts provided water usage data and performed 6 weeks of wastewater sampling for us to have adequate background information. After evaluating several FOG-reduction technologies, a passive grease interceptor (PGI) was recommended due to both lower upfront capital and long-term operation and maintenance costs. A 10,000 gallon, triple-basin, cylindrical steel interceptor was manufactured by Highland Tank Company (Greensboro, NC) and buried onsite to allow natural separation of the nut oils from the wastewater prior to pumping the wastewater to Robersonville. The project also involved construction of a new 300 GPM pump station, 400 LF of 6-inch force main and valve vault on the influent side of the PGI as well as electronic FOG monitoring and an effluent sampling station on the effluent side.

Since Ann's House of Nuts is the #1 privately held trail mix and nut company in the United States which produces over 350 consumer products, close coordination was required between Ann's, our teams and KBS not to disrupt truck deliveries nor plant production processes. We placed the highest priority on job-site and system safety, followed by utilizing existing conditions to integrate the new containment unit. These efforts included using existing hydraulic grade line to avoid new pumps and excessive changes to the system, as well as incorporating similar equipment to allow the industry to use currently owned pumps for future spares and back-ups. This was accomplished without incident.